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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Deepika Harikrishnan - United Kingdom

Entry No: 


English Poetry

'Super Woman'

Clad in an oversize gown, Unkempt and shabby,
Amidst rattling of kettle and sizzling of Oil,
Sauting, Stirring and Serving
In a jiffy, Magic spell of 1 2 3,
She looks stunning in a Saree!

She dwells amidst pleasures and pressures
Cleaning ,Cooking ,Laundry,
Chores of every kind
Large and sundry!

Round the Year, about her children she meditates,
Round the clock, works twelve hours straight!
Conquers crucial battle day and night,
Within she fights yet remains placid at Sight

She does all she could to thwart Iniquity,
At workplace or in the hypocritical society,
Amuses her child with actions,
Filled with Fun and Frivolity!

She cooks Numerous dishes , such wide variety,
Wondered why she always chooses the Burnt Roti!
Selfless, Strong, Supportive
Epitome of Serenity!
She is the SUPERWOMAN whom I call my MOTHER
with absolute Certainty!!

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