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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Abinandan U - India

Entry No: 


English Poetry

A Greedy Wish!

I wish I could be a mountain
That never bends
Or a fountain
That never ends.

I wish I could be a bird
Flying beyond limits
Or an animal
Framing its own limits.

I wish I could be a star
Twinkling all night
Or a flower
Blooming so bright.

I wish I could be the moonlight
In the dark night
Or the bright sunlight
That's unable to sight.

Being so greedy
Wishes my heart
To be a part
Of nature's beauty.

Aware of the truth
With life's so brute
I wish I could be a soul
Admiring the nature
And felling in love
Even in life's every low
All through the future
Which is my sole goal.

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