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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Aavyukt Rajan - India

Entry No: 


English Story

One day Mukul was walking down the street when he saw a boy being bullied. As he went near him, he saw two others teasing him, then Mukul waited for some time to see if this person would stand up for himself. After a while, he got annoyed by seeing that the person was not standing up for himself. So Mukul decided to tell the other two people to leave the guy alone. After they both left, the person introduced himself as Rahim and then thanked Mukul for his help. Mukul then told Rahim "Today I was there to support you, but no one will be there to support you for a lifetime" Rahim was inspired by what Mukul had told him, from that day on-wards Rahim decided to start building confidence in himself. Then Rahim realized that being confident in yourself makes so much difference in your life. After some days, he decided to make an app that would help people build confidence in themselves and help them stand up for themselves.

Days passed, ten years down the lane, the app Rahim made had changed the lives of millions of people. On the other hand, Mukul had lost the job that made him lose his confidence in himself. He hears about the app Rahim had created and wanted to see if it would help him gain confidence in himself. After downloading the app there was a lucky dip where he could win a chance to meet the app designer and hear his story, Mukul gave it a try. After a few days, he found out that he had won the lucky dip and was going to meet the founder of the app in a few days.

A week later he was waiting to meet the app developer. As he entered the room Rahim was excited and welcomed Mukul and asked him if he could recognize Rahim. Mukul said no, then Rahim told Mukul that he was the person who inspired him to make this app. Rahim then explained to Mukul how he had changed his life. Then Rahim helped Mukul build confidence in himself.

Moral- As you sow so shall you reap
Always stand up for yourself

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