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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

A.R.Amutha A.R.Amutha - India

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English Poetry


'What is true love?', the moderator put forth the question;

'I stabbed myself when knowing his death;
Joining in death is the true love',

'I was not upset when he forgot me;
As true love means living with the memories of our loved ones',

'I burnt Madurai for the injustice done to my husband;
True love will end with a tragedy',

'Immortal is the meaning of my name;
And my true love is immortal',

'I gave up my life to save him;
True love means giving up our life for our loved ones',

'Really!? Is my tomb the world's wonder!?
True love is like a monument which cannot be recreated'

'True love means staying away from our loved ones;
Because even love will teach us to hate', the moderator (a saint)

Heals the earth with its chill breeze, 🌬️
Safeguard the boiling earth from the human's squeeze, 🔥
The rule of the tiny seed, that did sow, 🌱
Adding greenish shelter, with vow 🪶
The purified air flows in and out of you
Blessed the beings, with unconditional love, in nature's view !!🏞️

Whatever mood you may swing,
This Fake world, would not allow to be in your being ⚔️
Even failing to embrace and love yourself
But that selfless character loves you 💎
Not compromised, your unsteadiness suspect her care, 🎊
But with unconditional love, "don't worry my child " says she.❣️

Love, the most underrated thing of the Universe,
It’s like showing an atom bomb to scare a child to eat food.

People say love is just a dance of hormones in brain.
But it is more of a heart feature, hence the symbolic representation.

Love is essential for existence like air. Love is free.
Its purest form is hard to find and one can’t live without it.

I consider love as an enormous force that drives the universe.
It is not a simpler force that attracts humans.

Yet, this simple version of this complex structure is fascinating.
Let’s soak in the complexity of love and let it steer us in the river of life.

It makes us do things that seems crazy, without any expectations.
Love is just an experience to be admired and not to be understood.

90s LOVE

Looking each other on the day of their marriage ,
Where everything was perfectly arranged.
Both of them never knew each mutually,
Hearts having faith that all goes peacefully.

Getting ready for a forever life run.
In the lives of two raised a new marital sun.
Unknown scenario turned to be awesome,
Love and love from no where started to blossom.

Holding the hands for the very first time,
Couple face were frozen as if they did a crime.
Starting the first page of their love story,
To live a life with no minute to feel sorry.

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