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Why support small business

Article by Chella Nathan


Every multi billion dollar organisation on this planet was once an idea. A small seed of thought that took shape slowly and steadily, fuelled by many essential components such as determination, hard work, skill set, research, financials, risk factor analyzation and much more.

For any business small or big to be called a success it needs to capture 'that one major factor' called audience or client or consumer or buyer. The survival lies in the hand of this huge community, without them there is no entrepreneurship.

Did you know that small businesses have a huge impact on the economy of a country? They open up new ideas with loads of opportunity to grow. These business have a tougher run ahead than in comparison to taking over a family run business. The struggles faced by these individual to make a sale is overlooked upon today.

This article is our sole dedication to small business owners who have fought many odds to survive in this dog eat dog world.

As a small business ourselves we take this opportunity to explain things from our side and give you more understanding on why you should support us.

In the recent past, there is a boom in the small business world which cannot be denied. Due to the advancement of technology in the form of social media people are able to showcase their talents and bring out their passion and make a living out of it. They are able to connect with the public more easily and quickly. Mostly run by passionate home makers and retired people, it is essential to know that when we support a small business we are in turn opening doors for many more newer ideas.


The biggest advantage of these  business from the customer point of view is the quality and variety.

Lets' take jewellery for instance, in order to stand out there needs to be uniqueness and people are always looking for new designs. They also try to find the piece that you are looking for in particular. Maintaining very high Quality standard is something that these business need in order to stand and they will loose clients if not. Since they are not commercialised any drop in quality will mean loss.


Even though small businesses do not involve a lot if money, they do require initial investment without no guaranteed return. Considering the fact that these businesses thrive on small amount of profits any missed payment, damaged goods will incur a loss. This in turn will create a problem in reinvestment.

Not all individuals who do business have the right amount of  time . Many women entrepreneurs are home makers and they need a lot of family backing and support to  go forward. 

Self doubt is another problems that these people face. They have this constant mental battle going on until they are established. Is this right? Will it succeed? Am i doing anything wrong? These are few of the questions they ask themselves.

Indeed its a long journey to success but we as consumers can help them reach.


First of all buy from them, do not hesitate. They are easily available over several social media platforms and present their wares in many communal events. So look out for them and show your support.

When you buy from them if you like the product please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, TWEET and give a shout out in social media and bring them into limelight.

Please spare some time and give feedback. Be critical only then they can learn to evolve into better businesses.

If you are not happy about something voice your views personally to the vendor and seek explanation. Only if you are not satisfied take it to the social media to voice your opinion.

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