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5 Unique and Eco Friendly gift ideas for Navarathri

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Article By Chella Nathan

Navathrthi 2019 is just around the corner and the serious golu enthusiasts have already squared their themes for this year's extravaganza. This nine day festival starting from 29th September celebrates Goddess  Durga and her various forms.

Navarathri is a big deal to sapthavarna too! Our golu contest received more than 100 entries last year. A grand success in the year of initiation. If you are keeping golu this year make sure you enter our competition. Win prices and our coveted trophy. Keep visiting our website to get more information about the contest.

Online Golu Contest 2019
Online Golu Contest 2019

During Navarathri it is customary to give betel leaves with areca nuts (vethalai pakku) along with kumkum to women and children who visit our homes. But as time flew by people started the gifting trend. Usually the gifts are steel boxes, plastic items, kumkum dabbas, blouse pieces etc. But in the recent past we can see a lot of people becoming very choosy about their gifting options and quiet a few have chosen the eco friendly path even in their gifting ways. We at sapthavarna salute these futuristic minds.  As we celebrate good over evil this festive season lets also fight environmental pollutants and choose more sustainable options.

Here we are listing five of our favourite unique gift options which are both fun and nature friendly.


This is something that will for sure bring out a smile from anyone who gets it. It will make them feel special and positive.

Our favourite picks are herb plants, roses and home growing kits. This particular gift item has a big price range too starting from herb pots to bonsais.

Saplings are something that will for sure bring out a smile from anyone who gets it. It will make them feel special and positive.

You also have an option of growing your own saplings and gifting them.

Plants represents life, growth and prosperity and are perfect gifting options.
Plants represents life, growth and prosperity and are perfect gifting options.

Cloth bags

A very useful and thoughtful gifting option that has become popular choice in the recent times. Our greatest war against plastic bags starts from home and these bags are our warriors in the cause.

Jute bags, cotton bags, bags made out of recycled products are quite easy to source and easy to use. They come in various colours, sizes and shapes and are budget friendly. You can gift the bag with pouches which makes it easy for grocery and vegetable shopping.

When you gift these you encourage others to move forward the green way! To buy this bag in UK, click here.

Bamboo coffee travel cups

Who doesn't love their coffee? Many people have this habit of buying coffee almost everyday while going to work. The use and throw paper cups which are widely available are plastic lined and hence will take more than 50 years to degrade. Thats were our travel cup come, these reusable coffee cups are made out of bamboo fibres and can last a long time. Bamboo is a sustainable crop that grows faster and does not need pesticides to grow. Considering they are made of natural bamboo fibres with non-GMO cornstarch and resins these cups can with stand heat and are totally food safe. Why not gift this thoughtful gift to your busy friends this festive season?

Sprout pencil

As citizens of this planet we have the moral responsibility in educating the next generation to live a life where nature is the heart of their future. These sprout pencils are a small way to show them that they too can join the force in creating a brighter future.

These pencils are made out of recycled products and in the bottom, there is a seed. Kids will for sure get excited when the find the seed. Encourage them to plant it after they finished using the pencil and ask them to take care of it.

Pambaram (Spinning Top)

Parents will love this particular nostalgic gift idea. A top made out of wood with a cotton string is a part of Indian childhood a few decades ago.

Spinning them in the right way is a trick that needs a lot of training to perfect. Todays kids might have no idea about the pambaram or how to play with it, gifting it might change this. They are easy to source in India and do not cost much.

Hope you liked our ideas and it helps you in making better choices.

If you have a new idea which we can add into our list please let us know.

Wishing you and your family an amazing Navarathri from our team at Sapthavarna.

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