• Saptha Varna

Linen - Must Have fabric of this season

Updated: May 24, 2019

Article by Chella Nathan-

Linen sarees have found their spot in the world of fashion and they are here to stay forever. Linen sarees are one of the most versatile piece of clothing ever crossing all borders with their colour, design and material options. They have withstood the sands of time with their adaptive and embracing the change trait. They are both modern and traditional. Be a traditional kancheepuram bride in the morning and rock the reception party with a ruffle saree in the night.

Jut silk linen with matching tussels
Jut silk linen with matching tussels

Every year something new pops up in the saree trade and whole of saree draping community goes gaga over it. For the past few seasons its the 'linen', a natural fabric that has come into the limelight. Something that started out as a support to linen weavers by many Indian celebrities, attained huge commercial success as the support grew in a massive scale.

Linen fabric has been among us for many years (around 3100 BC). Made from the fibres of flax plants linen is quiet labour intensive to manufacture. Having said that, linen is soft, strong, durable, easy to maintain(machine, hand wash And dry wash), light and is perfect to wear in humid conditions. They are naturally cool and keep the skin fresh even in hot sun.

A Trending floral design saree in Jute Digital Print Linen
A Trending floral design saree in Jute Digital Print Linen

Even though linen apparels are made, most of the fabric is used in the making of bed spreads, towels, commercial furnishings, fabric support for paintings and in artisan bakeries.

When linen sarees were reinvented and brought into the retail circle it was welcomed with open hands. Although organic pure linen saris are most preferred mixed linen saris have also become a favourite in the present.

Mixed cotton linen saris with traditional hand block prints, digital design prints, zari work with tassels, patch work and embroidery / thread work in every colour possible are very popular these days. Silk linen sarees, silk tissue linen saree, semi-linen sarees, jute linen sarees, digital prints in linen sarees are some of the newest breeds of linen sarees cropping up in the market.