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Global Online Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Contest
Make it healthy results.png

Thank you for the overwhelming response!

We received 149 entries from participants in 6 countries around the globe including

 France, India, Malaysia, Malta, United Kingdom & United States.

You can view all the entries on Make it Healthy Entries Page.

Award Categories 

  • Winner and Runner within UK 

  • Winner and Runner outside UK (Prizes will be sent to the corresponding Indian Address of the winners)

Welcome to "Make It Healthy" - Global Online Vegetarian Cooking Contest presented by Currywatchers.

Currywatchers is a free online healthy eating group. The purpose of the group is to tackle health inequality and improve quality of life.

Currywatchers aim to do this by-

  1. Yoga/Wellbeing

  2. Weightloss Challenge

  3. Run/Exercise

  4. Healthy Diet

Sapthavarna Creations is happy to host this online contest for Currywatchers.

Disclaimer-All recipes shared by the contributors in this website are their own and do not constitute a professional diet or health advice in any way whatsoever. Nothing published by Currywatchers/Sapthavarna Creations constitutes an health or diet recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Currywatchers/ Sapthavarna Creations should be relied upon for any health related issues. We strongly recommend that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a medical professional or a certified dietician before making any dietary changes. The organisers of Currywatchers/Sapthavarna Creations shall not be held liable for any health issues or other issues arising out of you following the advice or recommendation offered in this website.

Make it healthy Rules
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