Global Online Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Contest
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Thank you for the overwhelming response!

We received 149 entries from participants in 6 countries around the globe including

 France, India, Malaysia, Malta, United Kingdom & United States.

You can view all the entries on Make it Healthy Entries Page.

Award Categories 

  • Winner and Runner within UK 

  • Winner and Runner outside UK (Prizes will be sent to the corresponding Indian Address of the winners)

Welcome to "Make It Healthy" - Global Online Vegetarian Cooking Contest presented by Currywatchers.

Currywatchers is a free online healthy eating group. The purpose of the group is to tackle health inequality and improve quality of life.

Currywatchers aim to do this by-

  1. Yoga/Wellbeing

  2. Weightloss Challenge

  3. Run/Exercise

  4. Healthy Diet

Sapthavarna Creations is happy to host this online contest for Currywatchers.

Disclaimer-All recipes shared by the contributors in this website are their own and do not constitute a professional diet or health advice in any way whatsoever. Nothing published by Currywatchers/Sapthavarna Creations constitutes an health or diet recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Currywatchers/ Sapthavarna Creations should be relied upon for any health related issues. We strongly recommend that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a medical professional or a certified dietician before making any dietary changes. The organisers of Currywatchers/Sapthavarna Creations shall not be held liable for any health issues or other issues arising out of you following the advice or recommendation offered in this website.