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Yeshaswee Duraiswamy

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Namaskaram welcome to our house Golu 2023
Theme: Lalithambigai Darbar🙏🙏
This year my Daughter Yeshaswee Duraiswamy (10 yrs) takes the privilege of arranging the dolls with my help and ideas 😊This year our house golu is completely handmade dolls from the entrance we have couples (24 inches doll) as welcoming doll
Lalithambigai Ambal(2feet ) handmade doll,Ambal anugraham🙏. I have described ambal from her head to toe as described in LALITOPAKYANA 36 th chapter ,it consists of 1000 hyms describing Lalithambigai as Divine Mother or Shakthi🙏.
Describing ambal extremely beautiful having dark thick long hair with scent of jasmine(have kept two flower of jasmine on either side of ambal head)
Ambal having Chandran on her head.🙏
Forehead having Sindoora and moon shaped Tilakam 🙏
Eyelids appearing as if it is the gate of the house of God🙏
Eyes which are fish shaped playing in a beautiful crystal clear lake🙏
Nose with studs which shined like stars🙏
Ears decked as shining like Surya Chandran🙏like the mirror of Padmaraga🙏
Having rows of white teeth chewing Thamboolam with champor which enhanced her lips colour and her smile attracted Lord Shiva he cldnt take his eyes away from ambal🙏🙏
Having captivating breastswhich is capable of buying invaluable love of Lord Kameshwara🙏
She is decked up with huge jwelleries with beautiful dollars, necklace and Mangalya🙏🙏
I have draped ambal in Madisar with a 6 yard silk saree in sitting position.. further as described in Lalitha Sahasranama silk saree with a string tied to her waist have tried dressing up ambal🙏🙏
Having Thighs which steal the heart of Kameshwar 🙏
Knees like crown of precious gems having voluptuous legs🙏
Upper part of her feet as the back of tortoise and her feet resembling as gold lamps made of gems and shinning as gold 🙏🙏
Which could dispel worries from the mind of her devotees🙏🙏🙏
This is how have tried describing Ambal while making her.. it’s during Brahmi Muhurtham I used to start dressing her🙏
Have made Navadurgas depicting colours of Navaratri and Ambal in different colours while her Darbar in 12 inches fabric doll🙏🙏

Marapachi is 150 yrs old dressed up as Perumal and Thayar . Besides have arranged Dasavataram with clay dolls

Abhirami Ambal🙏🙏
Perumal Thayar have placed kalasam🙏
Anantha Padmanabar🙏
MahaVishnu ( Gajendra Moksha) Hanuman near Maha Vishnu leg , Lakshmi from naval and coming down is Saraswathi ( this is a unique doll we got customised)
Shivam with Nandi ( have kept small wooden jaroka to depict as Prabhavalli with 2 paddy Thor and ties to show as Thorans)🙏🙏
Shivan Swaroopam Maha Periyavar

Yeshaswee tried giving her best while arranging this dolls with so much dedication , Bhakti and love 🙏🙏
This is her first golu she managed from welcoming guests , Thamboolam and describing the theme with patience 🙏🙏 My happiness has no bound seeing this .. To be frank tears started rolling my eyes out of happiness😊
Wld love to mention this in the last moment she wanted to arrange for her young buddies kids golu with Cartoon characters and Panchatantra which cld help kids to learn some morals🙏🙏
Thank you so much for giving Yeshaswee to participate and encourage her to do more and more🙏🙏
Ty to sponsors , organisers and Judges for always being so encouraging in spite of ur busy schedules ❤️🙏🙏

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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