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Vyjayanthi Sabapathy

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Bomma Golu ( Display of dolls), is an important aspect of Navratri Celebrations.

Past 20 yrs I am keeping Golu at home and every time I try to make small small crafts and make them look colorful and creative.

This year 2022 golu is very very unique and special, as the Golu features all quilling dolls, 252, in number and made by me, over a period of two years.

The dolls show different daily chores of a normal human being. That way I have created a mixed theme.

1. Full layout of Enga Veetu Golu .

2. Ganesh Chathurthi
Ganesh chaturthi is portrayed here, as it is celebrated in Maharashtra. All dolls, including Lord Ganesha, are paper quilling.
DHOL-TASHA, which features youngsters, is displayed through quilling dolls.

3. Siva ,Parvati n Nandi ( in quilling)

4. Goddess Varalakshmi, theme all in quilling is presented here.

5 to 9 - Shoppers :

Market area scene, mix of terra-cotta n quilling, shoppers r in 3d quilling dolls.

10 - 11 Music lovers:

There is also musicians playing Veena n piano both the musical instruments r in quilling.

12. Garba dance.

I love Garba dance, and have lots of memories of playing Gurba when I was young, and Navratri doesn't end without Garba dance, my 3d quilling dolls r excited n playing Garba.

13 - 14 Dosa lovers:

For dosa lovers a stall selling yummy n colorful dosas ( all quilling dolls)

15 . Pet n art lovers:

A lady (quilling doll) walking with her pet (in quilling) is helping another woman (in quilling) paint a 🐶 .

16. National festival :

I have depicted Republic Day , soldier,(in quilling) Salute The National Flag n a group singing Vande mataram (all r 3d quilling dolls)

17. I have decorated Marapachi bommai in tanjore style occupies prominent place in Navratri Golu in every home.

18 - 19 . Bathukamma, Telangana festival

During Dasara, people in Telangana state where I currently live, celebrate Bathukamma (means Mother Goddess comes Alive) is flowerfestival is celebrated predominantly in Telangana, to thank Goddess with different unique seasonal flowers n most of them with medicine values, they lay flower with concentric layers in shape of gopuraram.

20 and 21. Enga veetu Golu also features, a couple of indoor games, ( badminton, Chess, Carrom board ) in quilling.

This, in nutshell,sums up Enga Veetu Golu 2022.

Link to Google drive :

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Golu Photo 3
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