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Vinodhini Venkataraman

Golu Photo 3
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Golu 2023.

Golu has been part of our tradition since my childhood. After marriage this is the 2nd year ,I'm keeping golu all by myself. Though it feels overwhelming, I love the fact that I can meet people, dress up , sing my favorite songs and most importantly eat healthy food 😍.
Theme : Chandrayan and Life in village
When we look at the most remarkable and proud moment in 2023 as an Indian it is definitely Chandrayan landing on the moon. Hence decided to bring the same in our Golu so that everyone carries home the sense of pride being an Indian also it gives an opportunity to the little kids to see,feel and know the facts about it.
Another theme is Life in village. I wanted to show case to my son and the other little kids the beauty of life in village. The greenery, the crow and fox story , temples,market , life of a family and the development of the village to make them have a feeling about our roots and also look at the most beautiful part of the world away from the busy life. It depicts various emotions such as love.
Also i have depicted Kailasam and Thirupathi in our Golu.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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