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Viji Mano

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United Kingdom

I have been keeping golu for the last 7 years in UK. Our Golu concept is based on Hindu birth/Rebirth(karma). We also have so many rural themes around the main golu steps which also have my handmade dolls, a treate for kids eyes and enjoy.

The theme is based on evolution from one,two sense living beings etc... to 6 Sense human beings and attain higher consciousness where human beings can become God themselves.

In First step - I kept Grass/plants/trees, insects , birds and animals.

2nd Step - Normal human beings.

3rd step - Slefless human beings who servered humanity and people who progress to higher state consciousness.

4th Step - 18 sithargal (saints)

5th step - Dasavathara set

6th step - Goddess

7th step - The divine union of consciouness and Enery (Shiva and Sakthi()) / Krishna

Made Reception, kacheri set with sppon and clay and many more.

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