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Vijay Rajan

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Hi all ,Navarathri wishes to you ...

Ours is a Houseful 9 Theme Golu with various Themes based on Numbers..


1) 1 to 7 - Temple Models-7 Temples around the Globe Theme
2) 8 to 64 Concepts based on 8 Aishwaryam,16 Selvangal,32 Venduthal ,64 Kalaigal -A new attempt to depict concepts through dolls ,a thought process of displaying concepts with customized /handmade dolls
3) 65 to 107 Numbers- 42 Stories and scenes from Ramayana,Krishna Leelai and Panchatantra and Traditional Padi Golu
4) 108 Number Theme based on Models and concept of 9 Navagrahas ,12 Rasi,27 Nakshatras and 4 Directions, on why 108 is considered Auspicious ...(9*12 and 27*4) with a multi layer rotating model
5) Amman Alangaram -6 Dolls decorated as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi
6) Lakshmi Kolam
7) Life after Covid- A Covid- Awareness Theme with an unique style of depicting Work from Home,Online Classes, Vaccination Drive,Covid- Warriors and Covid- Essentials ,Healthy Living and Wearing Masks ,Social Distancing protocol
8) Handicrafts from waste products -Coconut shell,Pista shell,Badam shell,Ice cream sticks,Tissue paper,Cardboards,Wool etc ..
9) Shadow Art by my kids for Panchatantra Stories ,a first of its kind attempt in Golu

9 Themes for 9 days of Golu with 108 Number concept from 1 to 108 is a key highlight of our Golu.

Here is our Golu pictures and Video for your view..

Thanks a ton...

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