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Vijay Rajan

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We have a Houseful Golu spanning across 2 Floors in 6 Rooms.

The Theme for the year is Thamizh.

We have 10 Themes based on Thamizh History,Mythology,Stories,Culture & Arts,Literature.

The Golu starts from Our Car Parking Area outside our house with the following Themes :

1) Scenes from Kamba Ramayanam ( from 6 Kandam & 113 Padalam) ,we have kept 28 scenes

& 15 Scenes from Andalalin Nayagan- Kannan Kadhaigal

2) Current Trending Ponniyin Selvan -Theme with representation of Chola Kingdom,Palace & Key Characters from Kalki’s Novel

3) Tamil Natchathirangal depicting Farmers,Workers,Poets,Writers,18 Siddhargal & Nalwar who contributed to Tamil Literature along with Tamil Astrology Signs & Stars /Navagrahas.

4) Inside the Hall we have shown a Thirukural-( 86 th Kural from Virunthombal Athigaram) Explaining about “ Welcoming & Guests/Hospitality” & depicted Heaven connecting Kural /Thiruvalluvar & Navaratri to the Theme of Heaven-One who receives Guests that have come & looks out for others who may come,will be a welcome Guest of the Inhabitants-Devergal & Gods of the Heaven...Linking Navarathri's Spiritual Side & Hospitality -for the Guests who come home -which is the main part of Navarathri

5) Next on the First Floor ,we have Kept a Gopuram replica –Padi Golu –we converted our 7 step Golu Padi ( 4 sets of 7 step Golu Padi) into a Temple Gopuram with meticulous planning right from Cloth decoration on the padi,side walls,hangings in the room & doll arrangement,décor on top step for Gopuram on the topmost padi.

6) Temple Kumbhabhishegam /Kudamuzhukku with happenings around a Temple,miniature Shops ( around 20 Shops were handmade ) is our next attraction

7) Kalvi,Selvam,Veeram-Mupperum Deviargal-Durga,Lakshmi & Saraswathi is the next Theme

Shown in our Golu

8) Murugan Thiruvilaiyadal Stories in the form of Audio /Visual show -5 Minutes show done by my kid is the next attraction

9) Tamil Months & Festivals monthwise is a customized depiction shown next in the second hall

10) One room is dedicated for Tami Kadavul Murugan Kolam ( 7 feet by 6 feet Size ).It took around 11 hours to complete the kolam in one stretch.

Pl find the Video link with Voice Explanation given below :

Golu Video:
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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