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Vigneshwari Mahalingam

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I've been keeping golu for past 8yrs with full spirituality. The ultimate theme is based on the Lord Shiva and his family. Each year there will be a new addition of creative work in our golu. And all those works are handmade with the efforts of my family members like we made mini menakshi Amman temple, kallalagar, karthigai pengal, Jothi lingangal, etc. The sole purpose of setting all gods which is especially handmade is to dive into the spirituality of the parabramam.
welcoming nine Navratri amman to our home through Kumba kalasam and doing pooja full heartily is our usual ritual. It's our boon to welcome Shiva and his family. As we born in Madurai, it is special for Maha sundareshwara sokanathar meenakshi Amman and kallalagar. In spite of it we made them at golu.
This year's special is about vaarahi amman and nagathamman in our golu. We did nagathamman and her nest by hand. We also try our best to make any creative things using waste materials in our home, which adds an extra beauty.
Our home is not so big, but though we did this much is really an enchanting thing. "🙏Everything Is His Deed🙏".

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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