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Vidhya Venkitakrishnan

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United Kingdom

Namaskaarams..Happy Navratri!!

I have been keeping Golu for the past 10 years here in the UK.
Post my wedding, I started with a small rather mini Golu in 2011, I have been successful in building on it every year.
This year, I have kept a 9 padi golu.
I strongly believe in our traditions /customs and possess a flair and enthusiasm for keeping Golu every year.
Along with displaying ones creativity and skill, I think it also serves as a great platform to inculcate and pass over the story behind these traditions and significance of our culture to our next generation. Hence my caption, Behind every doll, there is a story..

Welcome to Vidhya's Golu:

Behind every doll, there is a story...
Highlights this Year

My Main Golu features a 9 padi traditional Golu.
And also showcases a variety of themes ranging from Traditional to Recreational set up.
My Golu is kept across 3 rooms in order to cover all these themes.

*. My main Golu - 9 padi

* The Marriage Rituals theme comprises of 7 padi depicting:
. Temple theme
. Villaku Poojai
. Iyer Kalyaanam
. Jaanavasam/ Reception
. Seemantham/ Baby Shower ceremony
. Naming ceremony
. Ear piercing ceremony
This theme depicts the important events in most of our lives starting from our marriage until the birth of our child and their first steps like naamakaranam and kaathukuthal ceremonies respectively.

* The Recreational theme focus is on children's interests :
. Fun at the Park/ Wildlife
. Sport - Cricket
. Board Games - Carrom Board

* The Village theme is next where artisans and vendors need to be duly honoured and applauded for their valuable and endless contribution to facilitate :
. Small scale business/ trade
. Village Schools/ Village houses/ Village life
. Farmers market
. Nostalgic memories

* The Goloka Vrindavan theme portraying leelas of our beloved Kutty Krishna..

* Ramayana theme - 5 step golu - highlighting different events of the famous epic Ramayana along with pictoral presentation of key events in Ramayana.

* Other thematic dolls, you will come across in my Golu are :
- Kumbakarnan and Kadorkajan
- Kailaasha darshanam
- Sabrimalai Ayyappan Irumudi yaathrai
- A variety of handmade barbie dolls featuring Aandaal Rangamannar/ Baby Aandaal/ Ram/Sita/ Iyer Bride & groom and Tamboolam.
- Kolam display/ Rangoli/ Durga handmade art
- Varalakshmi Alankaaram
- Mini golu (Never forget your roots) - (My first Golu collection in 2011)

Watch out for:

~Individual dolls attractions this year:

Ulagalandha Perumal, Karumaari amman, Annaporani, Welcome dolls, Mini ramanujam, Natarajar and Aishwarya Shivan.

I seek the blessings and aashirvaadams of elders..

I hope you all enjoy my Virtual Golu.
Thank you...

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