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Vidhya Sankar

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United Kingdom

Navaratri, Festival full of Positive Vibrations and Energy which made me to carry out this traditional activity and I got interest to prove myself into this new world of immense creativity and innovation, where I could experiment a lot.

I take this opportunity to describe the traditional, holistic three steps Golu arrangement carried out at our residence and I invite you all for the same.

The dolls are arranged on odd number of steps. The steps are covered with a decorative cloth with dolls arranged on it systematically.
In front, adorable Amman with gorgeous saree and jewellery has been placed - which is considered as the centre point- as a symbol of devotion.

The bottom-most tier of the arrangement
- Displays the figurines of the human beings like the Dolls of chettiyar couple, trading pulses and coins depicts the human activities and it symbolises the 'Significance of trade'.
- The Traditional Marapachi dolls made of Redwood both in Male and Female forms( which contains Medicinal values),which were commonly given as wedding gifts to newly- wed couples make their display highly adorable.

On the other hand, homemakers in rural areas carrying their routine activities like fetching water from wells, taking bath etc... By their side dolls are arranged denoting children enjoying in swimming pool. This scenario helps us to differentiate the rural and urban life with reference to water utility.

The immediate above step is occupied by
- Dolls of great saints and sages regarded with reference in the Hindu religion.
-It also contains the display of figurines of uman beings providing offerings and worshipping Lord Ganesha in Arasamara set which depicts the customs and cultures of Hindu mythology and practices.

While the topmost of the step is being occupied by gods and goddesses like Ashtalakshmi idols, Vishnu dasavatars which take us back to the epics, Ramayana and Mahabarata.

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