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veena sreenivas

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I am veena from Muscat Oman. Originally from Mysore, Karnataka. In an effort to keep our culture live even outside india we have been keeping Navaratri Gombe/ golu every year .
Our Golu this year is based on theme " Vasudhaiva kutumbakam". In our miniature world ensemble, along with traditional 5 step golu padi we have displayed popular monuments of the world including India. Here our train , functioning cable car on the top, and the flying aeroplanes happily run through all the countries with no border or visa issues!! The world is one family here!! And that is the essence of "Vadudhaiva kutumbakam." Right? 😊
Most of the displays , lightings everything is done painstakingly personally since last few months.
Speciality of this year is a functional cable cars above miniature world ensemble which keeps moving from end to end..and a imaginary Muscat Olympics where many games are realistically set up. You will appriciate this when you zoom. Also a revolving Muscat eye similar to Dubai / London eye. Also there is an Bharath Darshan udyan which showcases monuments of Bharath, an airport, our proud ISRO chandrayan adityayan, snow filled Moscow, fairy land, a adivasi forest along with many minute displays.
The Mysore palace with jamboo savari can also be seen.
Not to be missed
*Functional Cable cars made of empty sharpener boxes
* 3 aeroplanes , one hot air balloon flying high
* Revolving Muscat eye like Dubai/ London eye

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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