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My name is Vani Vishwanath. I was born and brought up in Bangalore. After marriage I moved to Canada, and since 16 years Canada is my home but heart always in India.
I started keeping golu from the first year of marriage itself, as keeping golu is a tradition in my mom's place and also husbands side. Started keeping in very small scale, with only Pattada Gombe, wooden dolls which was given my mother for my wedding.

As we used to live in a studio apartment. Then when we had our 2 daughters and moved to own house, started in a bit large scale. And was able to display the collection better and better from past 8 years or more.
This year we have the main 6 steps stand, which depicts Eshwara, Kailasa, Ganesha, Ramayana few stories, Balaji and Padmavathi, Ashtalaksmi, Dashavathara, Durga, Annapoorneshwari, Sharadhambha, Shankaracharya, Raghavendra swamy, Saibaba etc.
And ofcourse, the main steps has the pattada gombe, kalasha and goddess Sarawathi.

We have displayed a self service breakfast place, tea, coffee stall, One shop stop provision stores, Food palace, street food like malai coconut, Tati lingo ( Palmyra palm fruit), cotton candy, balloon wala, bhle puri, peanut wala, icecream wala on the right side of the main step.
On the left side of main steps -
Chamundi hills, Mysore Dasara, Pongal set, Village theme, different community service people and occupation - Boutique, Police station, Fire station, Post office, hospital, court house, newspaper stand, diner, hotel. And different means of transport.
Village theme - Depicting life in village, village market etc.
Temple street( Athivaradhar Swamy) - Different angadis in front of the temple.
Cricket set
School, moral stories, Board games and freedom fighters, influencers etc.

On one 4 step stand we have Krishna dolls showing different leelas of lord Krishna.
Other 4 step stand we have marriage, Satyanarayana pooja and life after marriage. Depicting, baby shower, cradle ceremony, birthday, shashtipurthi (60th Birthday), Gowri pooja, bharathanatya set, Classical music trimuthi set, bhojana set, Maya bhazaar set etc.

Airport, Safari, bird sanctuary, farm depiction.

This year we took around 15 days to set up the golu.

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