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Vaidehi Shriram

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From Last year we have started collecting Ancestors Golu bommai. Which survived more than 60+ years.
1. We got my grandma childhood bommai parvathy hugging Shivan, I got and repainted.
2. My chithi mil childhood elephant which is more than 60+ years I repainted
3. My mom gave me family elephant which we had for more than 20+ years.
4. Many of my mil dolls which I repainted

Giving importance to Brass
1. Nachiyar Kovil Vengala Kuthu vilakku
2. Kerala style kuthu vilakku
3. Kalyana pithalai Kuthu Vilakku
4. Sangu chakra 5 muga vilaku
5. Sangu chakra thiruman vilakku
6. Thirumanjana Kindi
7. Brass lamp - my mil's mil got this from her mom side as kalyana seer unique one (which I come across)

And many more......

Coming Marapachi, we have family marapachi
My FIL mom n dad, FIL and Mil, mt mom and dad, my hubby and myself, and my kids....

Side attraction:
Mahalakshmi which we made this year is new with lot of handmade items
1. Golden pillar
2. Golden bowl
3. Coin flowing *I used coin chocolate*
4. Back decor garland
5. Lotus for decoration

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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