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Uma Venkatraman

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Myself, Uma, aged 36 years came to my hometown ( Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu) with my two little girls Dhithya (9 yrs) and Medha (7 yrs) for Navaratri. My daughters were so exited in setting up their first Golu at their Patti's house. As we are very conscious about preserving our environment, we try to abide by simple everyday practices like switching off unnecessary lights, fan; using minimum water, waste segregation, etc. We wanted to abide by this vale in setting up our Golu as well - Buy less and make more DIY things using waste materials.
We used an old ponnaadai (cloth used to honor people) of our dad and attached a border of an old sari to it- to be used in our Golu stand ; created our "Ambal" using an old copper vessel, old face of Amman and old sari cloth bits. We painted the Ambal ourselves and made our park with old toys. We created a candy house with old cardboard boxes my daughters did themselves) and tiny garden crates using ice-cream sticks. We painted them and wrote messages like "Stay safe", "Spread joy everywhere"," Go Green"," Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" to create awareness in people.
We sprouted Ragi and wheat to create our natural grass and pebbles from our garden as border. So here is our small, cute Golu made with a big heart and lots of fun using many old things. Hope you like it! - Dhanyawad.
May Goddess Devi bless the whole world and bring happiness in everyone's lives!
Best wishes and Kudos to the entire team facilitating this wonderful event.

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