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Uma Jayashankar

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We are keeping thematic golu for the past 15 years.
In addition to traditional nine steps golu we have a theme this year - மாதருள் மாணிக்கங்கள் (noble ladies) taken from Valmiki Ramayanam, Sundarakandam (Sarga 24). Sita upon hearing from Ravana that if she is not yielded to his wish within one month She will be cooked for his morning food. On hearing this, Sita quote following eleven noble ladies (Pathivridas) and will not yield to Ravana wish:
Swarchala, Sachi, Arundathi, Rohini, Lobamudra, Sukanya, savithri, Srimathi, Madhayanthi, Kesini and Damayanthi respective wifes of Surya, Indra, Vasishta, Chandran, Agastyar, Chevanar,Satyavan, Kabilar, Soudasan, Sagaran, and Nalan. Each of this eleven noble ladies i have kept one exhibit with back drop conveying the story of them.
In addition, our Prime minister mentioned during his independence speech this year Nari Shakthi (Women empowerment) mentioning names of six female freedom fighters who were pioneer in waging war against British. We have kept their exhibit also remembering them. Also, being 75 years of independence celebration, we have created a city with housed made of lego with flaga.
All the backdrops were made by me. Also, I made the buffello as part of satyavan savitri exhibit. My wife made the anthill for Sukanya story. My wife made some rangoli kolam in tricolor. You can also see two kuthu villakus dressed up traditionally. The dresses were made by my wife.

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