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Swathi Sekar

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Navaratri or Golu is a festival spanning nine days. Dussera is one of my favorite festivals ever since my childhood. I have been setting up golu for the last 6 yrs. I take a lot of pride in that. I will take a lot of effort to store these dolls in a safe place and try to reuse some of the handmade stuff next year. I ensure to utilize the space available at home.

So, please take a virtual tour of my golu and most of them are theme based.

Click here for photos/video - Link

1. Golu 1 image: step 1 - Is a 7 steps display of dolls. On the top most steps, we have Lord Balaji.
6th step - Durga mata and Sholingar Narashima
5th step - Ashta Lakshmi dolls display
4th step - Raghavendra swamy ( I'm an ardent devotee of Raghavendra swamy and I created backdrop of Brindavan)
3rd step - Kalash, Marapachi bommai ( i have also dolled up the marapachi bommai)
2nd step - Lord murugan, valli and Devanai, Saraswati and few other dolls
1st step - My favorite again with Chettiar set and most of the stuffs places there is either handmade or hand painted. Including the sweets stall fully handmade

2. Golu 2 image: 3rd step -I have created a background for the famous Krishna story.It is a collage of the birth story of lord Krishna. I have used blue for water in most of the places. Almost all the backdrops are created by me starting from the little krishna, river, tree behind Radha Krishna in Jhoola.

3. Golu 3 image - Is a wedding theme of Lord Ram and Sita. The backdrop is fully handmade and Satyanarayana pooja with most of the work is handmade.

4. Golu 4 image - Is a multi storey building as Gruhapravesh with ground floor - temple setup, 1st floor kitchen and bedroom and 2nd floor living room (fully handmade backdrop)

5. Golu 5 image - Dance performance with most of the work on the backdrop is handmade.

6. Golu 6 image - Mini golu padi - with cute little dolls

7. Golu 7 image - Vishnu's avatar - Dasavatharam dolls with backdrop and other settings handmade.

I hope you enjoy the virtual tour. Have a divine Navaratri!

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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