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Swathi Rajasekaran

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Navaratri or Golu is festival spanning nine days. Dussera is one of my favorite festivals ever since my childhood.

So, please take a virtual tour of my golu and most of them are theme based.

1. Golu 1 image - Is a three steps display if dolls. On the top most steps, we have Durga mata, lord Narashimha and Ram, Lakshman and Sits idols.
On the second step, I have created backdrop for lord ganesha celebrating Ganesh chaturthi with a small tray placed with fruits and modak (made with clay), i have also dolled up the marapachi bommai and last and my favorite created backdrop of Brindavan for ragavendra swamy.
On the third step, I have created kailasam background for the famous gnanapazham story.

2. Golu 2, golu 4 and golu 5 - Is a collage of birth story of lord Krishna. i have used blue for water in most of the places. Almost all the backdrops placed are created by me starting from the river, house, makan chor, waterfall near govardhan, tree behind Radhakrishn and Jhoola.

3. Golu 3 - Is a wedding theme. Starting from engagement, I have made the backdrop (engagement, wedding and reception) and handmade thambulam with the janavasam heading towards the temple.

4. Pathira kadai - created with miniature utensils from terracota, glass, steel and pithalai. The stand for pathirai was created by me except steel stand.

5. Temple gopuram - the entire temple setup was hndmade. Starting from gopuram to the compound.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual golu 2021. Thank you!

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