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Swarnalatha N

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Happy navarathiri to all
I have been keeping golu for the past 41years.
Navarathiri marks the victory of good over evil.  Navarathiri celebrations help to keep our tradition and culture alive.provides opportunity to meet our relatives and friends and develop new friends and also help to bring out the creative talents in people.pl continue the tradition and encourage fresh talents

My golu has several themes
Marriage ceremony with kalyana saappadu
Seemantham ceremony , earboring ceremony, sabari Ramar set , deity pricession set, and others.
Thete is a golu park with beach , dam, river ,etc done by myself.
Wishing happy navarathiri to all .
Swarnalatha n
My poem on my golu

கடவுள்களின் அணிவகுப்பு
கலைகளின் அணிவகுப்பு
அலைகளின் அணிவகுப்பு
அனைத்தும் ஓரிடத்தில்
இங்கே ஒருங்கிணைப்பு

Swarnalatha n

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