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Sundhya R

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We have 2 mega golus at home - one our theme based golu another exclusive mandatory golu collection from over 70 year old Bommais

Our theme golu - Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam has over 50 dolls that look exactly like Perumals in Divyadesams

We have bommais covering 3 major events of Srivaishnava at our golu
1.Periyazhwar pallandu Thodakkam ,
2.Kallazhagar Khudiram Vahanam ,
3.Kanchipuram Garuda sevai

This is our first golu in Chennai and some bommais have travelled over 2000 kms to reach us.

We have hand painted all our golu bommais this year which is an added advantage.

Last but not the least people who come to see our golu literally feel like standing in a temple and within first 6 days if golu we have had over 300 visitors🙂

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Golu Photo 3
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