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Sumithra Sudersanam

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This year 2021 Navarathri has been so blissful and blessed with the presence of Thirumazhisai Veetrirundha Perumal with Sridevi and Boodevi at our home.

Theme for this golu is Ramayana and wanted to give a recap of the same to whom so ever come to our home. 

Rama Jananam is followed by Rama Seetha kalyanam. Then they go to forest. While they go, they worship lord Shiva. As they stay in forest, Seetha sees the magic deer Marichan and she wanted to have it for herself. Rama then goes in search of the magic deer. Bharathan, Rama's brother couldnt rule Ayodhya. He comes to forest, gets Rama's padhuka and does Padhuka Pattabhishekam.In the mean sequence, Seetha has been kidnapped  by Ravana. 

Now Rama and Lakshmana goes and searches for Seetha. They see a bird Jatayu. Jatayu says, that Ravana had abducted Seetha and while fighting against Ravana, Jatayu was hit badly and was almost dying when Rama sees it.

Rama then meets Hanumar. While searching Lakshmana gets hurt. Hanumar brings the whole Sanjeevi hills to cure Lakshmana.As they progress in their search, they go across multiple jungles and one such jungle was Thirumazhisai and they get the blessings of Thirumazhisai Veetrirundha Perumal. Then Hanumar reaches Ravana's dharbar.As he was not given a place to sit, he coiled his tail and sat opposite to Ravana. His tail was fired but he in turn fires whole Lanka. Then he realizes Seetha Devi should be there  and locates Seetha devi in Ashoka vanam. He gets her blessing and a Kanayazhi from her as an identification to give it to Rama. He then carries both Rama and Lakshmana in his shoulders. Rama constructs Rama palam at Rameshwaram. War between Rama and Ravana happens. Rama won the war, he retrieves Seetha back, goes back to Ayodhya after his 14 yr tenure and get back to his power..Rama Pattabhishekam happens.

This is Ramayana at a glimpse and we say this story to everybody who comes home.

Note: Thirumazhisai Veetrirundha Perumal , Sridevi and Boodevi is completely hand made other than the Perumal face.

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