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Sumithra Sudersanam

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This year we bring you the concept of "Brahmandam"
Brahmandam is a composition of many realms like Earth. This means there are indeed 14 lokas -
6 above Earth (Bhoo lokam)and 7 below Earth. Bhoo lokam is the only realm where human beings earn all the paavum and punniyam. And in rest of the realm prayichitham is obtained based on the paavum and punniyam.
Above Bhoo lokam, it is Bhuvar lokam where we have all the celestial stars, planets etc..
Next lokam above Bhuvar lokam is Suvar lokam where Indran and other devendhars reside. Beyond Suvar lokam, it is Mahar lokam where Rishis and sages reside. We also have Markandeyan who is ever 16. Above it is Jana lokam where Brahma's 4 sons Sanakar, Sanandhan, Sanathan and Sanath Kumaran live. Here we also have pitrus in transitional phase. Above Jana lokam, it is Tapo logam where we have angels like Apsarus, Rambai, Oorvasi and village guard gods like Karuppasamy, Iyanar etc..Above Jana lokam it is Sathya lokam where Brahma, Vishnu and Sivan reside. Beyond all these 7 lokas, lakhs of yojanas Beyond is " Sri Vaikundam" where Sriman Narayanan lives with Lakshmi. One who reaches Sri Vaikundam has said to have attained moksham meaning no rebirth.

7 lokas below Bhoo lokam are Athalam, Vithalam, Nithalam, Rasathalam, Maha thalam, Suthalam, Bathaalam. Here rakshasas, demons reside. Mahabalipuram chakravarthi rules Suthlam and Yama dharmar rules Nargam which is before Baathalam

We have tried to give a glimpse of 6 lokas beyond Earth in our golu

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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