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Sruthi Srinivasan

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Thanks to Sapthavarana for yet another oppurtunity to showcase the golu.
I have been keeping golu for the past 11 years .
and i absolutely love doing it.
I reside in Canada with my two young kids and keep it all by myself!

This year my golu has a unique theme
"Vaishnava Guru Paramparai"with Perumal , Azhwars, Acharyas and Dashavataram in semi circular steps

To the left side of my main golu steps:-
1) Navaneetha Krishnar
2) Trimurthi deities
3) Garuda sevai
4) Guru Paramparai

To the right side of my main golu steps:-
1) chakkratazhwar
2) indian woman from different indian states and their unique dress(a special dedication for 75 years of indian independence)
3) cricket stadium
4) wedding set up with covid restricted entries
5) harry potter village

on the floor beneath my main golu steps:-
1) zoo with socially distance movie theatre etc.
2) small temple
3) chettiar vessel shop
4) village,farm and field

thank you!

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