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Srinidhi Karthikeyan

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our golu is best first we have kept traditional doll , modern toys, even some creative toys so , our golu is suitable for seeing for both youngsters and adults we kept theme in a order . First step in padi represents three goddess Lakshmi Saraswati parvathi.
Other steps are representing all other gods like krishna , Shivan, dasavatharam even kumbakaranan(ravanan brother's).
In side we have kept marriage in a theme that it happens in tirupati under perumal and thayar as it happens in order that first marriage and reception and valakappu or baby shower (8 months pregnancy) for the feast Ganesh , gadodgajan joins among the bride and groom's relative's. Then we kept Mahabharatam theme that represents viswaroopam ( krishna other forms ) and that is seeing by Arjuna for seeking wisdom and even ramayanam that represents ravanan darbar ( king court)
And some modern themes like Marvel theme and some Disney themes like frozen , Raya and the Last dragon. And finally village theme that represents the cattle shed, crow and fox story theme, and farmers with farmland and tractors
With some people making Pongal in pot and using traditional kitchen this is our golu discription. we are keeping golu from our great grandfather upto 40 years.

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