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Srilakshmi Srinivasan

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United States

Every year I do a very small theme based Golu to Teach and Prech kids some moral values and about tradition and culture. this year the theme is "Save thoughts". We didn't have any budget on Golu this year, hence a very minimal effort went into the Golu. The Golu insists on below...

1. Save good thoughts in your memory bank which will reap you more benefits.

2. Balance good and bad in life. Remember that it takes you a lot of goodness to compensate one bad element. Sometimes you won't be able to even balance it.

3. Reflect thoughts to yourself to develop personality.

4. Life before and after 90s. After 90s globe has been a void. Stop unnecessary inventions.

5.Value time. Times change but time does not.

Thank you.

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