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Sri Priya

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This is a Special Handmade golu of 5 Steps this year .
Additionally I have arranged a temple set . There are more to sets like park, school,shop,zoo,etc.... but reason to select temple is just god is all and he is everywhere without god we wouldn't be here. Even going to temples gives us peace and silent to mind .
So, as temple is everything we have chosen it as this year theme.
The golu arrangement explains about various stories. The step contains the prior Kalasam and explains in brief about the need of the kalasam . The second step consist of Dhasavadharam and other god(goddess ) , The third consists of the Heritage and Culture ( Power ) of the Women . Forth step are of Hanuman siting on his tail while Ravana refuses to give him place . then , water's importance are also described there . The fifth step is of Sangeetha mummurthigal , The heroins of the festival ( The three goddess ) .
This is a brief explanation of my Golu .
Thank you .

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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