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Sri Mathangi Kaushik

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United States

We have keeping golu for 15 years now. This year's theme is "Tvameva sarvam mama deva-devaa". We all know about the sloka "Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva", the theme is based on all the important relationships we all have in our lives and how the Divine has played those roles in various mythological stories and the values we derive from them.

Divine lovers - We portrayed Radha Krishna as the eternal divine lovers swinging happily together
Marital - Krishan- Rukmini's divine love as husband-wife,
Mother - Thaayumanavar story depicting the play of the divine as a mother,
Father - Swamimalai Kathikeya reciting the meaning of pranava mantra Om to Shiva, Shiva is humble enough to learn from his child
Brother- Lord Rama enablign Bharata to rule the kingdom in his absence with his paduka
Sister - Goodess Meenakshi given away in marriage to Lord Shiva by her brother Vishnu
Techer - Lord Krishna doign gita upadesam to Arjuna
Savior - Goveradhanagiridhari and Gajendra Moksham
Friend - Krishna- Sudhama Story
Lord of the Lords - Meera-Krishna Rangoli

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