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Welcome to our home golu
Location: coimbatore

I am happy to share our 20 years collection with you all. Every year we will make sure, to purchase a new statues. We will keep our golu doll in the order

First step : all major gods idols
Second step : dashavataram set
Third step : astalakshmi set
Fourth step : kalyanam set, ramar set and kanagathara set
Fifth step : completely Krishna leela set which depicts the life history of our lord Krishna

On other side , we are having stories which we heard during school days like thirsty crow and crow and the fox (the grandma tales ) which is all children favorite. Children who visit golu gets more attracted towards those

And major theme of golu is respecting our farmers, so we have these sets
1) farmer set which depicts our Pongal festival
2) lady selling vegetable which was harvested in the farmer set
3) second day of Pongal is mattu Pongal, so there is a set, where a family happily celebration with their house cow

Even we had of guberar set and cricket set ( everyone's favorite 😇)

The main Concept on why we keep golu is
1) everyone should know the our god's history. Due to the present generation kids are not aware of most of the story. So we make sure whoever visits golu in my home,we will narrate the story of the idols which is kept in our home
2)Respecting our farmers through our golu. Taking a moment through this golu, to thank them for giving us the food🙏
Yes, They are equal to God 😇
3) Now a days, many people are purchase idols for golu and Being of part of it, we are making the someone's life happy ( both maker of golu idol and seller of golu idol ). Becoz it's your tradition and so we need to support the art of sculpture


Keeping golu idols in their home, should be available in everyone's home within 2050🙏. Because this is our culture

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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