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Golu Photo 3
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Theme: The Life and Times of Shri Krishna, Lord Krishna Temple & Chandrayaan 3.

I have been blessed to been hosting Golu for the past 13 years.I have tried to depict the various stages right from the birth of Lord Krishna until Mahabharata. I have also attempted to create an temple atmosphere with the usual huzz and buzz right from a taxi stand to tea stall to Pooja Materials Stores to Chappal stand, Community Helpers, Rath Yatra, Unchavrutihi etc. I have articulated the interiors of the temple compound with dolls depicting chorunnu and Annadanam, Kalyanam being performed apart from several other activities that is performed within the periphery of the campus.

The Main 5 steps comprise with dolls of Lord Rama's Pattabhishekam, Devi Maa Idols & Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu 's Anantha Shayanam etc

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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