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Sowmya Nandakumar

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Golu Photo 3
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United States

Sowmya Nandakumar, San Jose California
Theme- Ramayanam /Circular Golu/Simhasanam shaped Golu
About our Golu:This year our theme is Ramayana. We have depicted the different events in the epic starting from the birth of Sri Raama to Raama Pattabhishekam, covering Baala Kandam, Ayodhya Kandam, Aaranya Kandam, Kishkinda Kandam, Sundara Kandam and Yudha Kandam. All of these are arranged in a circular golu representing the kaalachakram/Wheel of timeThe first side is shaped in form of a Simhasanam as it relates stories in Ayodhya and Mithila
Every turn of the Golu represents travel and crossing over to the next Kandam/chapter(Raama crossing the river Ganga in Guhan boat, Raavana carrying Sita to Lanka in Pushpaka Vimanam, Hanuman flying to Lanka, The monkey army building Raama Setu and crossing the ocean, Raama's entourage flying back to Ayodhya)
Other key features of the Golu:
Apart from the regular dolls/sets, beautiful handmade recreations of Ramayanam scenes like Lanka burning/dahanam, Hanuman crossing the ocean, Ravana flying away, Ramaa meeting Seetha in Mithila etc.
We also have a recreation of a large Pushpaka Vimanam suspended mid air with Raavana carrying Ma Sita to Lanka. This vimanam was hand stitched and built at home.
Another highlight is the model of Ayodhya Sri Raama Mandir that has been built by us -We have tried to recreate the model of the actual temple with all the features(Vimanas, domes, architecture, pink sandstone color) of the temple.
The Piece De Resistance is a life size doll of Lord Hanuman who proudly looks at the Ramayanam stories showcased in the Golu. This doll was also hand built and decorated using clay/wireframe by us

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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