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Sowmiya Suresh

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This years theme goes as a dedication to a place that held me in her arms for many many years..Having born and brought up in this beautiful city,I cant think of a better theme for this year- "Chennai" Call it Chennai/Madras- it is not just a name...it is an emotion. My love for this gem never fades...

A place that has given me beautiful memories,valued friendships, countless opportunities, learnings and blessings. Had complete nostalgia when handcrafting every bit of this beautiful city....be it Napier bridge,Mahabs (as we fondly call it),Kabaleshwar temple,Marina,Chennai Central etc..Its been a tough 2.5 years of not visiting home and could not emulate the feelings for this city and its people in a better way.
Every bit of the route showcased is etched in memory .For people who know me will know this route i have brought in here.

Miss u Chennai!! Hope to see u soon!!

Chennai/Chennaiites-  This is for you💗

Another specialty of this year is the zoo that is completely made by my twin daughters who are 9y old...For those who follow Singapore news..do not miss the Jia Jia Kai Kai family together with their handmade Bamboo trees..

All of the chennai attractions are handmade by me and my personal favourite is the Kabaleshwar temple which took me 1 full day to get the intricacies..The shops,Mahabs,Prarthana,Napier,Marina,Chennai Central, MRT and some of the dolls are all hand made..This is the speciality of our golu.

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