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Snekala Rajagopal

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Hi, this is Snekala Rajagopal from Salem 
I invite you all with this grand Maa kolam to our home golu with the traditional 7 steps. We have kept golu for generations, and this is our sixth year of golu, where my mother began to keep them. 
I'm happy to say that our home golu dolls are made up of traditional Kaliman boomai and they also include different state dolls like Delhi, which are made up of marble dust. 
We have a small brass collection of various god statues.

This year, the main concept of our golu is the Srivilliputhur Andal Varanam Aayiram theme, which speaks of the beautiful love between Andal and Krishna. Srivilliputhur Andal is the only female Alwar among the 12 Alwars. Andal Varanam Aayiram describes the beautiful dream of Andal's marriage with Krishna. This pasuram begins with
வாரணம் ஆயிரம் சூழ வலம் செய்து,
நாரண நம்பி நடக்கின்றான் என்றெதிர்,
பூரண பொற்குடம் வைத்துப் புறம் எங்கும்,
தோரணம் நாட்டக் கனாக் கண்டேன் தோழி நான்! 

This 12 pasuram teaches us about our marriage rituals in their traditional form.

This year's theme, Golu, gave me a very divine feeling and showed the love and support of my family members a lot. Yes, since the theme was Andal, we planned to decorate our whole house with parrots, so the thooranams were all made by us, and we successfully decorated the house with them. Parrots are one of the most special things about Andal Amma. And the theme was planned to bring back the exact feel of that ritual by giving the theme a relatable background. The background of the theme was mainly concentrated in and around the Srivilliputhur temple.

Not only Andal's theme

Swamy Iyappan was also a new member of our family this year. The pillar was made by my Mom, which highlighted the Iyappan theme in a grand way. My mom planned to have that Irumudi kattuthal theme in the mandapam, so she planned to decorate a pillar for the SWAMY IYAPPAN theme.

And the next theme was Chakrathalwar with Yoga Narasimha. 
We plan to have Thirumohoor Kalamegha Perumal temple's Chakrathalwar 
Theme with Maha Sudharshana Homam, which is famous in that particular temple. 
We can see Yoga Narasimha in the mirror, which is placed back in Chakrathalwar.

I think all of you enjoyed and felt the positive vibe of this Navarthiri by seeing the traditional golus.

I would like you all to take this virtual thambulam with auspicious Manjal Kunkumam.

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