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Smrutha Santhosh

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United Kingdom

The theme of my Golu is "Unity in Diversity" shown through Indian weddings where I have bride and grooms from different parts of India and also through India's favourite sport Cricket which brings the nation together. This phrase was coined by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, it means that despite all our differences we are one. I also have a map of India on the side so that the children can identify the different states on the map.

My British friends were in awe to learn about the diversity of cultures we have within India as they did not realise that we speak different languages in the different states, the food we eat is different and even the way people dressed and celebrated festivals is different.

All the dolls are handmade in kacheepuram by destitute women, as I always believe in supporting a social cause where possible. We have worked on the details including jewellery and clothing to bring out the nuances of the different states.

The next segment of the Golu has been done with flowers, lamps and rangoli, which are all part of the Indian culture to spread radiance and positivity.

Every year I give "Vethalapakku" to at least 50 women and children which includes fruits, flowers, beetle leaf, turmeric and return gifts which are handmade in India to support local artisans. My Golu celebrations have a religious segment and a social segment. Women and children gather to chant "Aigiri Nandini" so as to spread positive vibes and then children and adults are provided the platform to sing, dance, recite poetry or display any other talent. This is followed by dinner as I believe in the saying "Atithi Devo Bhava", which means "Guest is God"

I thank Sapthavarna creations for providing us the opportunity to share our Golus with all of you.

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