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Shanmathi Sriranjan

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I am Shanmathi Sriranjan from Chrompet celebrating Navarathri with Golu for 38 consecutive years along with family for generations together. I have always dreamt myself to be a teller of tales particularly to elders during childhood and to my children after marriage. Most of the tales touch the rich artistic and cultural vein of Hindu Mythology and our tradition. The love for this art came to me naturally like flying to a fledgling bird.

This year’s Main theme of our golu is “Shivamai Shakthiyai”. We have created a handmade Mount Kailash in a grandeur way displaying dolls depicting the stories of Ravana lifting Kailasam, Sankara Narayanar, Shiva’s Arthanareeswara form of appearance to Bringhu Rishi, Eka padha Moorthy (Denoting the single-footed Lord shiva taking the forms of Vishnu and Brahma), Sarabeshwarar and Lord Muruga’s birth from Shiva’s Netriken etc.

We also have Sivakami’s viswaroopa darisanam to Banasuran and other forms of the goddess (Mangalam tharum vetrillai amman, mangalyum kakkum kunguma amman, kuri sollu kurathi amman, putru amman, bala tirupura sundari, kamalambikai, Raja mathangi and prithyangara devi displayed in equal parlance with male. This denotes the devis also have an equal and more significant role to play along with their male counterparts. Nava thandavams of Lord Natarajar, the nine different dances are also displayed. Dolls depicting the story of Goddess Meenakshi –from jananam, muthumalai gift to kumaraguruparar to Meenakshi thirukalyanam are also enjoyable.

The traditional 9 step golu encompasses Vishnu’s Viswaroopa darisanam, Dasavatharam of Vishnu, Navagraha nayagigal, nava narasimhar, ashta varahi, Bairavar, Trimurthi along with their respective Goddess with 45 year old dolls also displayed. Thirumagal Arul – a set of specially decorated dolls in 3 steps along with Nachiyar thirukoolam and perumal urchavar is also in display.

Our Second theme of the golu is Family Merriment. Two years of the pandemic has made us miss some of the important glorifications in the family, right from childbirth to 80th marriage. One could discover the surprising power of jubilation in the family.

Our Third theme of the golu is a Return to Normalcy after release of COVID 19' -lockdown (ஊரடங்கு தளர்வு) – A Village/Town post-COVID. A town that everyone foresees and expects as a reality which we all missed. Important scenes from Ramayana (Viswamitrar helping Ramar, sabari paatti story) and Mahabaratha stories (Karnan kavasa kundalam, jananam, panchali sabatham) along with the God of Medicine – Dhanvantri, 18 siddhars and seven saptarishis etc.etc.

Additionally, Covid Awareness on the importance of wearing masks, sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing in public places, promote vaccination for advocating ourselves and others safe is also covered in our golu. Exclusive display of rare collection of coins from 1866, currency notes, and coins from more than 147 countries is also in-display. Also, a rare booklet covering information on lord Shiva and Vishnu has been kept for view by our 76 years young grandfather M. Balakrishnan.

We have displayed dolls in an area of 1240 sq ft. including veranda. Everyone is most welcome to visit our golu.
Thank You.

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