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Saranya Mahesh Kumar and Maheshkumar From Srirangam Trichy

Dear all

My golu is dedicated to Nature and particularly Bird living with us i Mahesh kumar is a bird watcher and its my hobies apart from my regular profession and engaged in saving bird and giving awareness to society about the bird

Points are mentioned below for kind information

1 Shot the bird by high definition Dslr camera and sharing with people
Nearly more than 150 types of bird in Srirangam Kaveri River belt trichy

2 Making houses for sparrows by envolving school colleges students

3 Every year once Engage in Bird sensus in Tamilnadu organized by Govt and forest

Conclusion : This presentation is really a way to reach people. All people engaged in this group i request to make houses for Bird and hang the house where ever possible.

Best wishes for navaratri

Mahesh Saranya and sreesai
Mobile no 9488567632 and 9566754087
Please contact if any doubts

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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