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Our Navarathri Golu 2021
This is Sarala Santhanakrishnan from Anna nagar/ICF Colony

Ø The main theme of our Kolu is “LIFE SAVING AGRICULTURE” .
Ø We have our main golu with (5 steps x3 sets) & Car shed golu will all our god and goddess with Main Deities being Ganesh and Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathi also.
Ø In our Golu we have not only displayed Traditional dolls but also dolls based on themes such as , Save Wildlife , Birds Sanctuary , Navarathri temple , Athi Varadhar Vaibhavam ,Amman made from lamp and my daughter’s craftworks including, Quilling, Paper cutting , Doodle art (etc).
ØThe Main attraction of our golu is the craft items made from waste materials such as CDs, Tablets, Mosquito bat, Shirts & Sarees made from Paper .
Ø We have also displayed important topics such as Chandraayan 2 , , Keezghadi Excavations, Women Empowerment , Water Conservation & Traffic Rules .
ØWe have also displayed a Coin collection ranging from old age coins to coins from various parts of the world.
Our golu also covers National leaders preaching patriotism, Marriage & Reception function doll set enlightening the togetherness
and park zoo and Krishnar leelaigal & Jesus birth kudil,old gadgets collections,Thiru kailayam made from cotton,
and Malai kovil made from paper.& Varalakshmi Alangaram with( kuthu villakku ), pencil drawing.etc.

Emai ID : bsksanthanam@gmail.com

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