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Ravikumar Rajendren

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I have gone through your advertisement in the Internet for the Kolu contest. I would like to participate on the same. Kindly accept my entry for the same.

I would like describe the main entities that are focused in our Kolu for this year. We have arranged our Kolu in Two floors of our house. I I had done many hand made items that is kept in our Kolu.

1. Raja Rajeswari Rani Dharbar, We have built a Place for Ambal and she adheres in the gold palace with all goddess with her inside the palace all are self made setup by our family.

2. Krishna Leela kirshna life story for all our remembrances. 75 old year mom created the dolls of krishna, radha, gopikas, vennai thazhi kutti krishna etc.

3. Puri Jaganath Ratha Yathra - We have made a replica of the Lord Jananath Rath Yathra. All the Chariots of the Lord's are handmade and also we have highlighted some significant miracles in lord jaganath that is happening even today and highlighted about Chaitanya Maha Prabhu.

4. We have made the Maha periyava life history his miracles, vedha pada Salas. Go samrakhanas etc.

5. We have displayed the complete Bhramin marriage ceremony. Those were all complete hand made doll with madisar and panchakachas. Those were made by our 75 year old mom.

6. Apart from those we also have a traditional 5 steps golu padi with all dolls collections which more than 50 years.

My Contact Details are as below :

Participant Name : R.Ravikumar

Email :

Address : Plot No 288, Baba Nagar Fourth Street, Villivakkam Chennai - 600049.

Contact Phone Number : 7550250274(Primary), 9840199244(Secondary)

With Regards,
Ravikumar R

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