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Rashmi Krishnan

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Welcome to our navarathri golu 2022
This year we have set our theme as Bhakthi movement in South India to highlight the great acharyas and gurus who played an important role in spreading the concept of Bhakthi in South India.
We have associated each of the saints with a famous temple and also highlighted one of their important works.
Dividing the bhakti movement into two branches we have kept Vaikuntam to represent vaishnavites and Kailayam to represent Shivites.
Below, we can also see the union of both in Meenakshi kalyanam and the 3 Devis.

Here, we’ve displayed The guruvayoor appan Temple to represent Bhakti movement in Kerala

Poonthanam Namboodri was an important person in this and most of his works were on Guruvayoorappan..
His important work was jnanana

Next we can see Trichy ranganathar temple to represent the Bhakthi movement in Tamil Nadu..Here the main guru involved was Ramanujar and his most famous work was Sri Bhasayam.

Next we have Tirupati to represent Bhakthi movement in Andhra Pradesh and it's grand Bhramotsavam shown here..Annamacharya was key in spreading bhakti through his many famous songs

On this side we have the grand kamakshi amman ratham representing Bhakti movement in Tamilnadu under the guidance of Adi Shankarar

his main works include many stotrams and songs including Baja govindam

Here we have the Uchhi pillayar temple

Next we have the kabaleeshwarar temple which is famous for the 63var and many of their works

Here we have shown common people spreading bhakti in the form of singing and dancing the praises of the god

Next we have the Arupadai veedu set which shows the 6 abodes of lord Muruga here Arunagirinathar was the important saint spreading bhakti in the form of his songs one of his famous works include the Thirupugazh

Here we have the Santhoshi matha viratham set which shows the manifestation of bhakti spread by the gurus seen previously..

Here we see our Main golu with 7 padi and on the side we can see the ganesha cricket set and the zoo..
Finally here we see other living beings like animals also showing bhakti by building a temple..

Thank you!

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