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Rameela Nithyanandam

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I am 65 yrs & my husband is 70 yrs old.
We are having golu for last 15 yrs.
This year due to pandemic problems , we have planned temple gopi ram theme.
Under shivan koil gopuram,all shiva related Gods.
Under Amman koil gopuram ,all Amman related Gods.
Under Perumal koil gopuram ,all perumal related Gods.
Srirangam Trichy koil gopuram & Ranganathar.
Ramar family set big size of 2 feet height.
We have manu neethi cholan story & Ramar ashwametha yagam story set
Many dolls are 50yrs old from my parents house.
My husband use to paint & varnish to keep all dolls look like new.

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