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Rajaraman B

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Namaskaram. We keep traditional golu every year to showcase and exhibit the dolls to reach the next generation.
We are keeping the traditions alive from the Year 1977.
Initially we have started keeping using 3 steps and increased building with 9 steps . Godwillingly,We are planning to increase further on reaching 18steps in near future.
Our major dolls which we had exhibited on the steps which majorly contains Dasavatharam, Rishab vahanam, Ramar set with Ramayan few scenes, Krishna Leela like KalingNardan, Krishnar oonjal, Dahi Handi group etc
Also we had kept Village set , Santoshi Mata pooja, Mahabalipuram set, Kanchipuram Garuda Sevai

Our main purpose of the Golu doesn’t for any thematic ,rather the display of dolls and tradition and practise should teach and reach our next generation .hence we had insisted and invited our neighbours , friends to bring their kids mainly to visit and grace the occasion .
As it’s auspicious month for Durga so specially invite the kanya girls for the Golu

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Golu Photo 3
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