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Hello Sir/Madam.I hope this email finds you well.First of all I am really grateful for the opportunity.Here by I am glad to explain about our golu. The sole objective of keeping dolls in golu is to encourage Craftsmen in small as well in large scale industries.The value of his/her simplicity lies in the fact that the craftsman relies upon himself /herself rather than upon his/her tool,and at the same time is completely master of them ,adapting them exactly to the requirements of the moment.Craftsmanship is not about making something that makes expectation. It's about creating something that changes them.
Main Collections:
Chandrayan 3 ,G20 summit, Navathirupathi perumal, Aandal jananam Navasayanam,Hyderabad Ramanujar, Vaishnava Sambrathaayam, Madurai Chithra festival, Navasayana Perumal, Ashtabairavar, Brahmin tradition, culture and rituals, Ramayana Stories, Mahabaratha Stories(Krishna leela) . Picture book stories, Freedom fighters Poori Jaganath, Navanaayagikal
Highlightabe points :
* Civilization
* Patriotism
Golu also has a significant connection with the agricultural and handicrafts professions in India. Besides the economic aspect of the festival, it is an important occasion for socializing. During this season relatives and friends in south India make it a point to visit each other's homes. This is also a very important occasion that promotes creative expression for women and for the family to work together on an aesthetic aspect.
Today's students are tomorrow citizen. Golu act as good medium to reach the young generation and make them civilized.
Once again I thank u forever the opportunity.And we welcome u to join with us & will be excited by your arrival .Thank You.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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