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Radhika Subramanian Iyer

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United Kingdom

I have been keeping Golu for about 33 years. This is my 10th year of my keeping Golu in the UK.
The traditional seven steps have Durga, Lakshmi, Sarswati ,Lalithambigai set Dasavatharam and Ashtalakshmi dolls along with the chettiar couple dolls.
I have an exclusive step showcasing the different occupations like pottery, weaving etc in Kondapalli wooden dolls.
I have constructed a mini house with kitchen with platform sink etc. the spice rack is made by be. Miniature brass utensils are placed.
The main theme of my Golu is Sangam era - of life and literature.
I have depicted the potramarai kulam of Madurai the seat of Tamizh Sangam. Agastyar also is portrayed. Meenakshi kalyanam is also depicted.
The five landscapes mentioned in the Sangam Literature is depicted.
The land , water, animals, plants, and people pertaining to Kurinji, mullai, marudam ,neithal and paalai is shown.
Another aspect from sanga ilakkiyam shown is the depiction of the kadaiyezhu vallalgal . The seven patrons are clay modelled by me.
As an additional Golu there are dolls showing the different costumes worn by women in India and the world. Some of them are hand made.
The decoration has Tanjore paintings and Kolams done by me.

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