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Priya Siddi

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This is the 13th year of my golu. But I hv bommais which are there for the past 80 yrs. we have displayed the traditional golu, With mumurtigal, shrinivasa padmavati, dasavatharam, Ashta Lakshmi, Chetiyaar chettachi and marapachi bommai.
Then we have our theme kolhpur mahalakshmi
Who resides at Kolhapur after having a fight with lord Vishnu when brighamuni kicks lord Vishnu on his chest. I have made the devi using chest of drawers, kodam who is standing royaly with a banaras Saree. We also have a maharashtrian devotee who is praying to the Devi, who is made using kitchen items
The continuation of the theme is explanation of each stanza of the mahalakshmi ashtakam.
I hv made a chariot of 8 Lakshmi's pulled by the royal elephant

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