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Priya Siddi

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Namaskaram to all. Welcome to siddis golu mahotsavam. We have been keeping golu since generations after generations and I take a special sense of pride in saying that my theme every year is handmade by me using eco friendly materials like kitchen utensils pots and stools. The theme for this year navratri is *THE BIRTH STORY AND SIGNIFICANCE OF LALITHA TRIPURA SUNDARI.*

The story goes this way.... Once the Devas had to combat their enemy Tarakasura. This demon was bestowed with a boon that he could only be slain by the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In order to beget a son from the deities, the Devas sent Kamadeva, the God of love. He shot his flower arrows at Lord Shiva who was meditating and disturbed him.

Angered that he had been disturbed, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and destroyed the God of love, and reduced him into ashes.

The wife of Kamadeva, Goddess Rati appealed Lord Shiva to revive Kamadeva. Shiva gazed at the ashes of the God of love.

From the ashes arose Bhandasura, who caused havoc in all the three worlds.

In order to kill Bhandasura, a Maha Yagna was performed. From the fire emerged Maha Tripura Sundari. She is know to be the manifestation of all gods.

Goddess Tripura Sundari is portrayed with four hands. She holds a noose, a goad, arrows and a bow.

She is royally sitting on a cot where the plank is lord Shiva denoting Shakti and Shiva are equal and Bramha Vishnu, Maheshwara and Rudra as four legs of the cot. Sons Ganesha and murugan in the front and daughter Bala Tripura Sundari on her lap with Laxmi and Saraswati fanning her and cooling her down after she killed Bandaasura demon.

I have also made Shiva linga adorned with gems like emerald, rubies, pearls and corals along with rudraksha. Everything was handmade using eco friendly materials.

I have displayed the traditional golu where I have few bommais which are about 45 yrs old and few of them are nearly 100 years old which was passed on to me by my great grandfather.

**MAA TRIPURA SUNDARI LALITHA PARA BHATTARIKA - Your beauty is mesmerizing, Your compassion is boundless, Your courage is limitless, Your blessings are countless and your power is infinite.*

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