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Priya Kamal

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Hii. This Is K. Priya .We have been keeping golu for almost 18+ Years . Every year we plan for a theme ? Concept Regardless of the 7 to 9 Steps. So in that way , this year we have organised a concept of the Importance nad the Reminisence of Hinduism. Just to give a Brief Information about the Concept, We have organised the golu in the following way:
A Friend - Krishna & Ganesha
A Mother - Parvati , A Father - Shivan
Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi
Goddess of Knowledge - Saraswati
And etc. We also have brought in Garuda Sevai Concept and Perumal's Chakkaram, Thiruman And Shankam Concept where Perumal's Thiruman Has all the 12 Alwars in it Saying that they are the incarnations from Perumal.

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