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Prasuna Thoyyeti

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I have been keeping golu from 30 years. From the past 10 years, I have been covering the hall room completely.
The following are the highlights of golu in 2022:
Manidweepam Set - There is a famous song in telugu - "Manidweepa varnam", which describes co-existence of many elements like 'pancha bhoota', 'chatur vedas', '6 seasons', 'digpalakaas', 'sapta rishi', 'Sindhu Sagaram' '14 Lokamulu', 'Navagraha', '64 Kalalu (arts)', 'Suvarna Giri (Golden hill)', 'Rajitha Giri (Silver hills)', 'Diamond and Copper Walls', 'Surya Chandrula Kanthuku (Sun and moon rays), and many others.
Village Theme - I have shown a family doing farming and harvested crops, then celebrating pongal in the house. The village also has a temple and a wedding happening near the temple and a snake pit for worship. There is also primary school where teaching is performed.
Marriage theme -This theme covers the whole life cycle from marraige, this theme consists sets like engagement, marriage, seemantham, ear piercing, 1st birthday of the baby.
City Theme - This theme contains ranganatha temple, school set - where there are students telling prayer, park for kids to play and a hospital set.
I have kept 5 steps two stands which cover many sets like dashavataram, araipadi veedu, ashtalakshmi, paanduranga, marapachi bommai, kanakadhara strotram, Avaiyaaru set, ramayana set, sri ranganatha temple, soundarya lahari theme.
All the above themes are narrated in the video.

Golu Video:
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