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Pavithra Giridharan

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United States

Welcome to our Golu. This is our 22nd year keeping Golu.

On one side, we have kept our traditional golu, along with a village scene.

This year our theme is Lord Surya or Surya Bhagavan. We have focused on Lord Surya and stories related to him from our puranas. The Lord Surya that you see emerging from the sun riding on his chariot, with his charioteer Aruna and pulled by seven horses has been handcrafted from styrofoam, printouts and various other materials by us (my 13 year old daughter - Sumedha and myself).

The following are the stories we have kept in our Golu:
- Details about Lord Surya and his chariot and charioteer
- Pongal festival, Story of Rama learning the Aditya Hridayam from Agastya
- Family of Surya - Surya, his wives Sanjana and Chayya and their children
- Hanuman trying to eat the sun and how he takes Lord Surya as his guru
- Navagrahams
- Surya Namskaram - all 12 poses with names
- Story of Karna - the son of Kunti and Surya.

We even had a QR code with all the stories for our visitors to follow along and a worksheet created by my daughter Sumedha for kids so that the golu experience is an interactive one.

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